DSCF5698e Burgos Street, Makati 2015.  Right in the midst of the red light dictrict where white men of dubious morality pursue cheap entertainment this girl was begging for money.

DSCF4221reMaria, Siquijor 2015.  This extraordinary little girl sat on my lap for over an hour and didn’t utter a single word.

DSCF4214reMaria, Siquijor 2015. One of many charming and  photogenic Filipino children I saw that day during the gospel school event.

DSCF3631reNabotay, Siquijor  2015.  Nabotay is the poorest neighbourhood on the island of Siquijor. The majority of children living there are malnourished. Every Wednesday a feeding programme takes place when local mothers and their children can have a proper meal. This was one of the participants.

DSCF3626reNabotay, Siquijor  2015.  A little cheeky girl who I also met during the feeding programme.

DSCF1308eKuala Lumpur, 2015.  A Tamil Malaysian baby girl who I saw while taking a stroll in Little India. One of those unique and unforgettable faces.

DSCF1477ePenang, 2015.  A Chinese Malaysian fisherman’s daughter who only gave me this one chance to take a picture and it only lasted a few seconds before she went back into playing and never looked at the camera again. I’m glad my Fuji didn’t let me down despite its sluggish autofocus.

DSCF2936eDumaguete, 2015.  This one was hard to catch. I was chasing this little girl around the public market (Tiangge) to get at least one shot that wouldn’t be blurry while she was playing hide and seek with me. Got it in the end…

DSCF3154eDumaguete (Banilad, Sta Monica Road), 2015.   Brief encounter right outside my house.

IMG_3001e-(2)Józefosław, 2013.  My little niece at her cutest. Hard to imagine a more adorable look.

IMG_4235b&wWarsaw (Vistula city beach), 2012.  When I saw this boy having a mud bath I immediately rushed to take some shots. He was posing rather proudly and didn’t mind the camera at all. It all turned into an unexpectedly long photo shoot.

DSCF9239eeNong Khiaw, 2014.  Whilst waiting for a mini van heading to Luang Prabang in early foggy morning I spotted this charming Lao boy being carried by his mum in a sling that’s very typical of that region.

DSCF9270eeLuang Prabang, 2014.  Every afternoon at Golden City Temple (Wat Xieng Thong) you would find teenage monks asking foreign toursits to help them with their homework. The most sought-after were English, German and French speakers.

DSCF1596ePenang, 2015. I was lucky enough to take a sneak peak backstage where the Chinese opera singers where getting ready for their perfomance at the opening ceremony of a Buddhist temple.

DSCF0653eWarsaw, 2014.  A spectacular Valentine’s concert of The Magic of Motown at Sala Kongresowa.

pic_001Warsaw, 2013. Models walking the runway at the rehearsal before Bohoboco winter fashion show at Soho. The ‘Size 0 Bitch’ T-shirt really caught my eye…

DSCF1459ePenang, 2015.  A retired fisherman deep in thought in a small quiet fishing village called Gertak Sanggul. This man was emanating such peace and tranquilty that can only be brought by old age.

PB024348eBarcelona, 2009.  There you have it. The elderly and children are my two favourite subjects to photograph. I was so happy to capture them in one frame. They may be generations apart, but in a way, they’re more similar than we think.

DSCF0074eeeSiquijor, 2014.  I was taking last shots of Siquijor port before taking a ferry back to Dumaguete, when a bunch of toddlers started passing back and forth in front of the camera, just asking to be photographed.

DSCF0499eSiquijor (Kagusuan Beach, Maria), 2014.  Cute children enjoying themselves playing in the sea. Filipino children love posing for the camera… and the camera loves them.

DSCF9438eDumaguete, 2014.  Yet another cute Filipino girl with chubby cheeks who I saw at the Mercury tricycle terminal and with whom I shared the ride to Banilad. She kept gazing at me like that throughout the journey.

DSCF9560eDumaguete (Banilad, Sta Monica Road), 2015. One of my cheeky yet charming little neighbours.

IMG_9339eJózefosław, 2012.  My niece, Maja, looking somewhat cofused during a family lunch  which took place after her tearful christening ceremony.

pic_0016Warsaw, 2012. Maja, when she was going thourgh her ‘candle blowing’ phase.

DSCF3811eMontpellier, 2014.  French guy with the dragon tattoo in charge of the BBQ.

IMG_3023e-(2)Józefosław, 2014.
Like mother, like daughter.

PC170234eRio de Janeiro (Leblon), 2011.  A jolly Brazilian watermelon seller.Melancia, melancia!’

pic_0007Warsaw (Chwila Club), 2012.  Kaja Kaźmierczyk singing at one of those soulful jam sessions on a cold winter’s night.

IMG_2116Warsaw (Sen Pszczoły), 2012. Trumpet players performing during an energetic, multi-instrument concert of Brenda Walsh.

IMG_5469eWarsaw (Klub 55), 2012.  An unknown electric guitar player who has the look of a rising rockstart captured at a jam session.